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Use Modern Tools

Using Nx, you can add Cypress, Jest, Prettier, and Nest into your dev workflow. Nx sets up these tools and allows you to use them seamlessly. These innovative tools offer a lot of advantages and help you work better and smarter.

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Build Full-Stack Applications

With Nx, you can build full-stack applications using Angular and Node.js frameworks such as Nest and Express. You can share code between the frontend and the backend. And you can use the familiar ng build/test/serve commands to power the whole dev experience.

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Develop Like Google

With Nx, you can develop multiple full-stack applications holistically and share code between them all in the same workspace. Nx provides advanced tools which help you scale your enterprise development. Nx helps enforce your organization’s standards and community best practices.

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Nx and Angular Console

Nx extends Angular Console--the UI for Angular CLI--to give you more visibility into your workspace. With Angular Console and Nx in your workflow you can reduce the time it takes to build high-quality software at scale, and improve best-practices across your organization. Try out Angular Console.

Brought to you by the community

Nx is built and maintained as an open-source toolkit for developers by community contributors alongside the experts at Nrwl, a software consulting firm with renowned Angular contributors. Nrwl helps enterprises through engineering, training and developer enablement products such as Nx, Angular Console, and Nrwl Connect. To learn more, visit

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