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About Nx

How Nx Was Born

After leaving Google and founding Nrwl, we were soon helping large organizations build large frontend applications. After doing this for some time, we’d discovered that many of them want to do the same things.

  • Integrate innovative tools into their dev workflows.
  • Build their applications holistically, share code, and improve team collaboration.
  • Adopt development practices pioneered at Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

And that’s how Nx was born. It was a distillation of our experience implementing these things over and over again.

Building a full-stack development toolkit is not hard, and neither is adopting Cypress into your development workflow.

It is an entirely different story if your solution has to work in different companies, with unique tech stacks and development cultures. In the companies where one team may insist on using Protractor, whereas the rest of the company will use Cypress. Where there are so many teams working on so many related projects, that you have no choice but to rely on advanced code analysis and tools to keep the whole thing running.

This is why Nx is awesome. It's not a toy implementation of a cool idea -- it's a toolkit for building applications using modern tools and development practices that scale. Everything in Nx is validated by many real projects.

Nx Today

There is a misconception that large companies and startups have fundamentally different needs. It’s not true.

These days even small products have several microservies and microfrontends which are often built by distributed teams. Being able to do this type of development holistically, using modern tools, is as important for a startup as it is for a well-established organization.

So even though the first users of Nx were Fortune 500 companies, these days we see more and more small companies using Nx to build their products.

All our products at Nrwl, including this site, are built using Nx.

The Future of Nx

A lot of Fortune 500 companies are building their client-facing flagship products using Nx. We are excited to see many of them contribute back to the toolkit. At Nrwl, we are helping many clients build ambitious projects, which gives us valuable feedback to keep making Nx better with every release.

Stay Updated On Nx

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About Nrwl

Nrwl is a software consultancy and the creator of the open-source developer toolkits, Nx and Console, and a developer empowerment platform called Nrwl Connect.

Nrwl designs intelligent technology systems and creates high-quality enterprise software by providing expert consulting, tooling, and support from an unparalleled team of Angular and React experts. Enterprise teams come to Nrwl to standardize their development practices, achieve greater collaboration, and ultimately build better customer-facing products within a faster timeline.

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