Generates default Storybook configuration files using Storybook version >=6.x specs, for projects that already have Storybook instances and configurations of versions <6.x.


nx generate storybook-migrate-defaults-5-to-6 ...

By default, Nx will search for storybook-migrate-defaults-5-to-6 in the default collection provisioned in workspace.json.

You can specify the collection explicitly as follows:

nx g @nrwl/angular:storybook-migrate-defaults-5-to-6 ...

Show what will be generated without writing to disk:

nx g storybook-migrate-defaults-5-to-6 ... --dry-run



Default: true

Type: boolean

Generate new Storybook configurations for all Storybook instances across all applications and libraries.


Default: true

Type: boolean

Keep the old configuration files by placing them in a folder called .old_storybook.


Type: string

Library or application name for which you want to generate the new Storybook configuration. Leave empty to upgrade all Storybook instances. Only use this if you want to do a gradual migration.