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Nx plugins are npm packages that contain generators and executors (or builders) to extend a Nx workspace. Generators are blueprints to create or modify code, and executors perform actions on the code.

nx list

Use the nx list command to see installed and available plugins. Both Nrwl maintained (@nrwl/something) and community plugins are listed.

❯ nx list

>  NX  Installed plugins:

  @nrwl/angular (builders,schematics)
  @nrwl/cypress (builders,schematics)
  @nrwl/jest (builders,schematics)
  @nrwl/linter (builders)
  @nrwl/nest (schematics)
  @nrwl/node (builders,schematics)
  @nrwl/nx-cloud (schematics)
  @nrwl/workspace (builders,schematics)

>  NX  Also available:

  @nrwl/express (builders,schematics)
  @nrwl/next (builders,schematics)
  @nrwl/react (builders,schematics)
  @nrwl/storybook (builders,schematics)
  @nrwl/web (builders,schematics)

>  NX  Community plugins:

  @nxtend/ionic-react - An Nx plugin for developing Ionic React applications and libraries
  @angular-architects/ddd - Nx plugin for structuring a monorepo with domains and layers
  @offeringsolutions/nx-karma-to-jest - Nx plugin for replacing karma with jest in an Nx workspace
  @flowaccount/nx-serverless - Nx plugin for node/angular-universal schematics and deployment builders in an Nx workspace
  @dev-thought/nx-deploy-it - Nx plugin to deploy applications on your favorite cloud provider

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