GitHub PR Integration

Set Up a Webhook

  • Add a webhook to your repo
  • Payload URL is: https://<NX_CLOUD_APP_URL>/nx-cloud/github-webhook-handler
  • Content type: application/json
  • Add a "Secret" (can be anything). Remember it, as we'll need to pass it to our Docker container.

Add webhook to github

  • Enable "Check Suites", "Check runs" and "Pull Requests" as the events that trigger the webhook.

Enable check suites and check runs Enable pull requests

Generate Access token

  • Your installation of Nx Cloud will need permission to post comments on your Pull Requests
  • Follow these instructions
  • Make sure you select "repo" as a scope
  • After you generate the token, make sure to copy and store it. We'll add it to your installation of Nx Cloud in a bit.

Generate personal access token

Optional - Configure Self-Hosted GitHub Instances

  • If you are running a self-hosted edition of GitHub, you'll need to tell your installation of Nx Cloud where to make requests to
  • Your GitHub API URL should look like this: (without a trailing slash)
  • Keep a note of it, as we'll use it to configure your installation of Nx Cloud ☝️
  • Optionally, you can try the above URL in the browser to see if it finds the API.
  • Note if you use public GitHub, this step is not required. You also don't need to provision the GITHUB_API_URL env variable when creating a container.

Configure Nx Cloud Installation

Using Helm:

2  tag: 'latest'
4nxCloudAppURL: ''
7  pr:
8    enabled: true
9    # apiUrl: '' uncomment when using github enterprise
12  name: 'cloudsecret'
13  nxCloudMongoServerEndpoint: 'NX_CLOUD_MONGO_SERVER_ENDPOINT'
14  githubWebhookSecret: 'GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SECRET'
15  githubAuthToken: 'GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN'

Note that the secret must contain GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SECRET and GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN ( see Nx Cloud Helm Charts for more context).

Not using Helm:

Provide the following env variables to the nx-cloud-nx-api container:

  • GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SECRET set to the secret you provisioned
  • GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN set to the token generated for you
  • GITHUB_API_URL set to the URL of your github installation

If you are running Nx Cloud as a single container, the three env vars should be provisioned for that container.


Nx Cloud uses the accessToken property from nx.json to find a workspace for a given GitHub repository. If it isn't possible to set accessToken, you can also pass NX_CLOUD_INTEGRATION_DEFAULT_WORKSPACE_ID env variable to the container. This value will be used when the accessToken property is missing. You can find the id of your workspace in the URL.