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There are many ways you can connect with the open-source Nx community. Below, you’ll find details about various connection points.

GitHub, Slack, Office Hours, Twitter, Newsletter

At the Nx GitHub repo, you can file issues or contribute code back to the project.

Join the Nx Community Slack to meet a friendly community of Nx users. This is a perfect place to ask clarifying questions or to talk through new ideas that you want to try with Nx. There's also a channel dedicated to sharing articles about Nx and most of the authors of community plugins can be reached there.

Nx Office Hours take place every second Monday, from 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST, and you can sign up to receive links to join upcoming sessions here. You’ll find our live-streams on the 'Nx Office Hours' Youtube Playlist. Members of the Nx core team answer your questions, help get you up and running with Nx, and address particular challenges.

For the latest news about Nx, follow @NxDevTools on Twitter

You can also subscribe to the Nx Newsletter: an email digest sent monthly from the Nx core team at Nrwl. Subscribers receive news about Nx releases, posts about new Nx features, details about new plugins, links to community resources, and additional Nx content.

Community Plugins

Core Nx plugins are created and maintained by the Nx team at Nrwl and you can see all the available plugins when you run the nx list command in your workspace.

The community plugins listed below are created and maintained by members of the Nx community, and have been vetted by the Nx core team.

All of the Nx plugins we release are aware of an Nx workspace and will allow you to use the full power of the workspace while using different technologies!

How to Create Your Own

Check out the Nx Plugin guide to learn how to get started with building your own plugin!

How to Install

Each of the plugins listed below have a yarn and an npm icon. Clicking on either of these copies the relevant command to install the dependency for your project.

Community Plugins Directory


An Nx plugin for developing Ionic React applications and libraries


An Nx plugin for developing cross-platform applications using Capacitor


Nx plugin for structuring a monorepo with domains and layers


Nx plugin for replacing karma with jest in an Nx workspace


Nx plugin for node/angular-universal schematics and deployment builders in an Nx workspace


Nx plugin to deploy applications on your favorite cloud provider


Nx plugin to replace protractor with cypress in an nx workspace


Nx plugin to build docker images of your affected apps


Nx plugin to run the e2e test on an existing dist folder


Nx plugin adding first class support for Nuxt in your Nx workspace.


Nx plugin adding first class support for Vue in your Nx workspace.


Nx plugin adding first class support for Docusaurus in your Nx workspace.


Nx Plugin to integrate the generation of documentation with Compodoc in the Nx workflow


Nx plugin to use Svelte within nx workspaces


Nx plugin to use StencilJs within nx workspaces


Nx plugin to generate, test, lint, build, serve, & deploy Google Cloud Function


Nx plugin to use Go in a Nx workspace


Nx plugin to use webpack module federation


Nx plugin to generate, run, package, build (and more) Spring Boot projects inside your Nx workspace


OpenAPI Plugin for Nx. Keep your API spec files in libs, and auto-generate sources.