Migrating from Protractor to Cypress

Nx helps configure your e2e tests for you. When running the Nx generator to create a new app, you can choose Protractor as an option, but the default is Cypress. If you have an existing set of e2e tests using Protractor and would like to switch to using Cypress, you can follow these steps.

Let's say your existing app is named my-awesome-app and the e2e Protractor tests are located in my-awesome-app-e2e.

  1. Before you start, make sure you have a clean git working tree (by committing or stashing any in progress changes)

  2. Create a throw away app named delete-this-app using Cypress for the e2e setting.

    nx g @nrwl/angular:application --name=delete-this-app --e2eTestRunner=cypress
  3. Rename apps/my-awesome-app-e2e/src to apps/my-awesome-app-e2e/src-protractor

    mv apps/my-awesome-app-e2e/src apps/my-awesome-app-e2e/src-protractor
  4. Move the contents of apps/delete-this-app-e2e to apps/my-awesome-app-e2e

    mv apps/delete-this-app-e2e/* apps/my-awesome-app-e2e
  5. In the angular.json (or workspace.json) file copy the e2e target configuration for delete-this-app-e2e and use that to replace the e2e target configuration for my-awesome-app-e2e. In the new configuration section, replace any instance of delete-this-app with my-awesome-app.

  6. Delete delete-this-app and delete-this-app-e2e

    nx g rm delete-this-app-e2e
    nx g rm delete-this-app
  7. Edit apps/my-awesome-app-e2e/cypress.json and replace any instance of delete-this-app with my-awesome-app.

  8. Delete apps/my-awesome-app-e2e/protractor.conf.js

    rm apps/my-awesome-app-e2e/protractor.conf.js
  9. Migrate your *.po.ts files to use the Cypress API as opposed to the Protractor API.

    • The canonical way for Cypress to handle page objects is to create small reusable functions that use the cy object to return a reference to whatever element you want to interact with.
  10. Migrate your Protractor *.spec.ts files to Cypress *.spec.ts files.

  11. Run your Cypress tests with the same command that launched your Protractor tests.

    nx e2e my-awesome-app-e2e