Smart, Extensible Build Framework

Nx helps architect, test, and build at any scale:

integrations with modern frameworks, distributed task execution, computation caching, smart rebuilds of affected projects, powerful code generators, editor support, GitHub apps, and more.

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Monorepo done right

Works for Projects of Any Size

Whether you have one project or one thousand, Nx will keep your CI fast and your workspace maintainable.

Build and Test Only What is Affected

Nx is smart. It analyzes your workspace and figures out what can be affected by every code change. That's why Nx doesn't rebuild and retest everything on every commit - it only rebuilds what is necessary.

Nx affected dep-graph

Explore Visually

Nx comes with an interactive dependency diagram to help explore and understand your workspace.

Visual Studio Code Plugin

Nx Console adds Nx-aware autocompletion and code lenses. It helps you generate components in folders, refactor your projects, construct commands, and much more.

Nx Console VS Code plugin

Next Gen Cloud Support

Share links with your teammates where everyone working on a project can examine detailed build logs and get insights about how to improve your project and build.

Nx Cloud app

Nx is Fast

Nx uses its distributed task execution and computation caching to keep your CI time the same, whether you build one project or a thousand.

Up to
0 x
reduction in CI time for mid-size projects with standard CI setups
Up to
0 x
reduction in CI time for large projects with standard CI setups
Up to
0 %
reduction in CI time for large projects with highly-optimized distributed CI setups
0.0 x
reduction in computation time

Open Platform

The core of Nx is generic, simple, and unobtrusive. Nx Plugins are completely optional, but they can really level up your productivity.You can use Nx with any technology either by using Nx Core or by using of one of many Nx plugins.

Getting Started

TypeScript, React, Angular, Node and more

Nx has first-class support for many frontend and backend technologies, so its documentation comes in multiple flavours.

Create a TypeScript/JavaScript Workspace with Nx

Create an empty workspace where you can create TypeScript or JavaScript projects. You can build/test/lint them either yourself or using Nx plugins.

TypeScript/JavaScript (follow our Nx Core tutorial)

Free Courses and Videos

For visual learners we have created high-quality courses walking you through building real-world examples step by step.

Scale React Developmentwith Nx

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Premium coursesto know everything

We recorded a complete set of courses to make sure you will be proficient as fast as possible. They cover all the Nx features to take control of your workspace.

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Used by Popular Open Source Projects

Nx works equally well for the teams building apps and for the communities building open source libraries and tools.


FluentUi (Microsoft)



Typescript eslint


HomeBridge UI

NGX Bootstrap