Intro to Nx

Nx is a smart, fast and extensible build system with first class monorepo support and powerful integrations.

Adopting Nx

Coming from an existing project and want to adopt Nx? We have a few recipes to help you get started.

Add to Existing Monorepo

Add Nx to your existing NPM/YARN/PNPM workspace

Add to any Project

Add Nx to an standalone project

Migrate from CRA

Migrate from a CRA setup and automatically switch to Vite

Migrate from Angular CLI

Automatically migrate from the Angular CLI

Why Nx?

Nx has two main goals:

  • Speed up your existing workflow with minimum effort.
  • Provide a first-rate developer experience no matter the size of the repo.

It achieves that speed via computation caching, by only run tasks affected by a given change and by being able to distribute your task execution across multiple agents in CI.

High quality DX is implemented via code generators, IDE extensions and by helping you keep your codebase evergreen.

How does Nx compare to other tools?

If you know other tools in the monorepo space, here is how Nx compares: