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Whether your workspace has a single project or a thousand, Nx will keep your CI fast and your workspace maintainable.

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Nx is fast

Don't waste your time

Nx makes scaling easy. Modern techniques such as distributed task execution and computation caching make sure your CI times remain fast, even as you keep adding projects to your workspace.

Most workspaces see
3 times reduction in CI time
2.5 times reduction in computation time

Never rebuild the same code twice

Nx is smart! It can figure out whether the same computation has run before and can restore the files and the terminal output from its cache.

Distributed task execution (DTE)

Smart, automated, dynamic distribution of tasks across multiple machines to get maximum parallelization and CPU efficient CI runs.

Remote caching

Share your local computation cache with team mates and your CI system for maximum efficiency.

Only run what changed

Nothing is faster than not running a task. Nx analyzes your project graph and can diff it against a baseline to determine which projects changed and what tasks need to be re-run.

Already have a monorepo?Nxify your workspace in less than a day.

Nx supports Different monorepo styles

Make Nx work for you

Choose your style! Have a monorepo already? Add Nx on top! You control everything, Nx makes things fast. Or focus on what matters and let Nx do the heavy lifting with its set of powerful plugins. Extend Nx by creating custom plugins that work for your organization, and you'll get the best possible DX you can have in a monorepo.

Integrated developer experience

Everything is just a click away

No need to browse the docs to find the right commands to run. Stay in the flow! Augment your editor with Nx Console, a dedicated extension available for VSCode , JetBrains and Neovim. Generating a new library, running e2e tests, building your app - everything just a click away.

Debug and understand your workspace with the built-in nx graph capabilities! Also, give yourself a treat by enabling the Nx Cloud GitHub integration. Most CI interfaces are a struggle to work with and they are not made for monorepos. The Nx Cloud integration takes care of that, presenting what matters most in an awesome visual way.

Evergreen setup

Stay up to date, without effort

Keeping your stack up to date can be a struggle. Nx comes with a smart system that is capable of automatically upgrading your codebase. Think of it like database migration scripts, but for your config files, npm packages and even source code.

They use Nx every day

Devs & CEOs, Startups & big companies are loving Nx

Here is what they say about Nx, what they like about it, how it transforms their developer life and what you are missing out on!

I can't recommend @NxDevTools enough! Go use it, your future self says thanks ;-). Have a doubt or a question? Reach out to @nrwl_io, they are kind, smart, and willing to help

Antoine Pairet
Co-founder and CTO at @HealthRosa

I'd def invest in @nrwl_io - Our whole platform for @HeavyDutyBuild is powered by it. We're using Nx in a monorepo with an @angular Dapp, a @nestframework API and a @solana Rust Program. A year ago I used Nx for my Angular stuff, now it's a core piece of everything I build.

Daniel Marin

Supporting @NxDevTools was an exciting goal for @StackBlitz: it's a remarkably elegant setup – but also a great test for WebContainers' maturity, so we're so happy to have reached this milestone!

Tomek Sułkowski
@StackBlitz Founding Engineer & DevRel

Just set up a full-stack Angular/NestJS app with @NxDevTools. One command, about 5 minutes, and a working full-stack "hello world". Probably just saved about 2 hours.

Michael Bromley
Creator of @vendure_io

Wow, @NxDevTools is no joke. This is awesome!

Kent C. Dodds
Teacher, OSS

There is a lot to be learned from @nrwl_io's Nx developer experience. It is exemplary.

Tejas Kumar
Director of Developer Relations, @xatabase

Beautiful! I’m using NX on a nextjs/tailwind project and I must say it’s such a nice developer experience

Alan Montgomery
Senior React Dev/Mobile Team Lead @Idox

I just started using Nx (@NxDevTools). It’s awesome 😍

Akira Tsuboi
Web Engineer

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