Zack DeRose
February 15, 2024

Launch Nx Week Recap

Launch Nx Week Recap

We just finished wrapping up Launch Nx Week, which ran from February 5–9, including a full conference on Thursday!

In this article, we’re going to recap all the things launched during Launch Nx Conf, as well as all the talks given during the conference! Here’s a set of links so you can fast-forward to the stuff you’re most interested in if you want!

Prefer a video?

Nx 18.0 && Project Crystal

Exciting news!! We’ve broken our standard release cadence of publishing a new major version every 6 months to release Nx 18, just 3 months after releasing Nx 17 in December 2024.

Juri announced launched Project Crystal with this video:

The short version is: Nx project crystal means Nx plugins make your codebases work more seemlessly with less config.

For the long version, checkout this blog post by Juri where he describes how Nx plugins are now more like VsCode Extentions!

And don’t miss our two conference talks on this subject:

Conference Talk: Project Crystal

Speaker: Juri Strumpflohner | slides

Conference Talk: Project Crystal + .NET in Action

Speaker: Craigory Coppola | slides | example repo

New Plugin: @nx/nuxt

On Tuesday we launched our newest plugin, and our first plugin to be :gem:crystalized:gem: from it’s very beginning: @nx/nuxt!

Zack explains Nuxt and how to use the new plugin in this video:

To add @nx/nuxt to your codebase, use the command:

> nx add @nx/nuxt

Huge thanks to Katerina for her work on the plugin, and Nuxt maintainer, Daniel Roe, for helping to guide the project!

Zack, Katerina, and Daniel got together to live code a working tic-tac-toe app using the new Nuxt plugin and partykit in this livestream:

Nx Agents Launched

Nx Agents are here!! We launched Nx Agents on Wednesday, and it climbed into the top 20 on Product Hunt!

We’re very excited about Nx Agents because we think that in its current state, Continuous Integration/Deployment is broken, and we think that Nx paired with Nx Agents fixes Continuous Integration. Zack explains more in this video:

Be sure to also checkout the blog post from Isaac on Nx Agents, including explanations of exclusive features like auto-detection and retrying for flaky tasks and automatically splitting lengthy end-to-end tests!

You can signup for Nx Agents NOW, and find out more of the details in our docs!

Rares and Altan are on the team building Nx Cloud, and during the conference, they dove deeper into some of these topics:

Conference Talk: Nx Agents Walkthrough: Effortlessly Fast CI Built for Monorepos

Speaker: Rares Matei | slides | example repo | failed runs example | nx agents full run

Conference Talk: Solving E2E Tests

Speaker: Altan Stalker


Thursday, we had a surprise announcement for our newest product on Nx Cloud: Tusky.

Tusky is an Artificial Intelligence for your codebase, and it will be available on Nx Cloud soon — starting in Spring of 2024.

In the teaser video, you can see some ways Tusky will be integrated into Nx Cloud to provide explainations on failed tasks, or cache misses.

The more exciting features of Tusky though includes the ability to perfectly optimize the number of agents used per PR — even spinning up and tearing down agents mid-pipeline! This is a huge optimization for task distribution, and will help optimize both walltime of your CI, as well as compute costs!

Tusky will also be able to provide organizational-level insights to your codebase, including automatically detecting development groups (like lines of business) inside your codebase based on commit history, and providing statistical insights on their commit patterns. We’re also excited about Tusky being able to make suggestions on things you can do to further optimize your codebase — like generating a PR to introduce Codeowners to the repo!

Nx Release Is Stable

Versioning and publishing packages is always a bit tricky. Mix in the added complexity of having multiple packages — sometimes with different versioning or publishing strategies — inside the same codebase, and things can get weird quick!

For a long time, Nx has been purposefully versioning and publishing agnostic, but given our time spent as stewards of Lerna (the OG Javascript monorepo tool), we’ve been able to take alot of that experience and finally feel confident creating our own versioning and publishing implementation.

Therefore, we’ve been working on a new command to the Nx CLI: nx release. We launched this on Friday of our Launch Nx week!

Juri goes into full details in this blog post, and James Henry — our Director of Engineering and the primary engineer responsible for both maintaining Lerna and creating Nx Release — expands further in his conference talk:

Conference Talk: Releasing Nx Release

Speaker: James Henry | example repo

Wrapping up

Juri, Zack, and Victor wrapped up the week with a livestream recapping the launches from the week — including answering your questions live:

That’s all for now folks! We’re just starting up a new iteration of development on Nx, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates when new features land! Until next time, KEEP WORKING HARD!

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