Connect to Nx Cloud

Nx Cloud directly integrates with your existing CI setup.

Nx Cloud Overview

In a nutshell, here's how this works:

Step 1: Connect your workspace to Nx Cloud

This can be done by signing up on and then connecting to your git repository.

npx nx connect

Step 2: Your CI script triggers Nx Cloud

1- name: Start CI run 2 run: 'npx nx-cloud start-ci-run --distribute-on="8 linux-medium-js"' 3

Let us generate the workflow file for you, if you don't already have one.

npx nx g ci-workflow

Or, check out our recipes for the various CI providers.

Step 3: Run your Nx commands as usual

1- run: npx nx-cloud record -- nx format:check 2- run: npx nx affected -t lint test build 3- run: npx nx affected -t e2e-ci --parallel 1 4

All these commands are automatically picked up by Nx Cloud, split up into smaller tasks and distributed across the specified number of machines.

Step 4: All results are played back automatically

Nx Cloud automatically plays back all results to your CI system, as if distribution never happened. You can continue doing post-processing on the results, like uploading test reports, deploying artifacts etc.