nx-cloud CLI

npx nx-cloud start-ci-run

At the beginning of your main job, invoke npx nx-cloud start-ci-run. This tells Nx Cloud that the following series of command correspond to the same CI run.

You can configure your CI run by passing the following flags:


By default, invoking npx nx-cloud start-ci-run will configure Nx to distribute all commands by default. You can disable this as follows: npx nx-cloud start-ci-run --use-dte-by-default=false.


By default, a failure in one of the commands is going to terminate the whole CI run and will stop all the agents. You can disable this as follows: npx nx-cloud start-ci-run --stop-agents-on-failure=false.


By default, Nx Cloud won't terminate any agents until you invoke npx nx-cloud stop-all-agents because Nx Cloud doesn't know if you will need agents to run another command. This can result in agents being idle at the end of a CI run.

You can fix it by telling Nx Cloud that it can terminate agents after it sees a certain target: npx nx-cloud start-ci-run --stop-agents-after=e2e.

Earlier versions of nx-cloud required you to set the NX_CLOUD_DISTRIBUTED_EXECUTION env variable to true to enable DTE, but in the latest version npx nx-cloud start-ci-run does it automatically.

Enabling/Disabling DTE

Invoking npx nx-cloud start-ci-run will tell Nx to distribute by default. You can enable/disable distribution for individual commands as follows:

  • nx affected -t build --dte (explicitly enable distribution, Nx >= 14.7)
  • nx affected -t build --no-dte (explicitly disable distribution, Nx >= 14.7)
  • NX_CLOUD_DISTRIBUTED_EXECUTION=true nx affected -t build (explicitly enable distribution)
  • NX_CLOUD_DISTRIBUTED_EXECUTION=false nx affected -t build (explicitly disable distribution)

npx nx-cloud stop-all-agents

This command tells Nx Cloud to terminate all agents associated with this CI run.