Connect to Nx Cloud

Create an account on There are several ways to connect your repository to Nx Cloud.

Connect Directly Through GitHub

If your repository is hosted on GitHub, we recommend you create an Nx Cloud organization based on your GitHub organization.

Connect Your VCS Account

After that, connect you repository.

Connect Your Repository

This will send a pull request to your repository that will add the nxCloudAccessToken property to nx.json.

Nx Cloud Setup PR

This wires up all the CI for you and configures access. Folks who can see your repository can see your workspace on

Manually Connect Your Workspace

If your repository is hosted on a different source control provider, you can also connect to Nx Cloud manually. You'll need to add a source control integration later to enable Nx Agents.

Run the following command in your repository:

pnpm nx connect

Click the link in the terminal to claim your workspace on

The command generates an nxCloudAccessToken property inside of nx.json. This is a read-only token that should be committed to the repository.