Advanced Configuration

Troubleshooting and Verbose Logging

To help troubleshoot installations, add the following env variables when starting the container:


or if using helm set verboseLogging to 'true':

1image: 2 tag: 'latest' 3 4verboseLogging: 'true' 5

Running the Mongo Database

Nx Cloud uses MongoDB to store its metadata. There are several common ways to run MongoDB.

Using MongoDB Kubernetes Operator

The MongoDB team maintains the open source MongoDB Kubernetes Operator. You can use it to set up your own deployment of MongoDB. See the Nx Cloud Kubernetes example for more information.

Using CosmosDB

If you are deploying to Azure, you might have access to CosmosDB. See here for more information.

Using Mongo Atlas

Mongo Atlas is a great option for deploying MongoDB.

Using External File Storage

By default, the on-prem version of Nx Cloud is going to start a file server and store the cached artifacts in the provided volume. But you can also configure Nx Cloud to use an external file storage. At the moment, only S3 and Azure Blob are supported.

Using S3/Minio

To configure S3 as a file storage, provision the AWS_S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, and AWS_S3_BUCKET env variables for the nx-cloud-nx-api container.

If you are using an accelerated bucket, et: AWS_S3_ACCELERATED to true

If you are using a local S3 installation (e.g., Minio), you will also need to set AWS_S3_ENDPOINT.

On cache item expiration time

Remember to set a cache item expiration time . The default is currently 4 weeks. If you would like to keep items for longer, for example for 8 weeks, please remember to set the NX_CACHE_EXPIRATION_PERIOD_IN_DAYS=56 env variable as well, so the container knows when to expire the Mongo cache entries as well.

Using Azure

To configure Azure Blob as a file storage, provision the AZURE_CONNECTION_STRING, AZURE_CONTAINER env variables for the nx-cloud-nx-api container.

To obtain the AZURE_CONNECTION_STRING value go to your "Storage Account" and click on "Access Keys". You will also need to create a container in your storage account before starting the Nx Cloud container.

If you use an external file storage and an external MongoDB instance, you don't have to provision the volume.

Cache expiration time

See note above about setting a cache expiration time. For Azure blob storage, see this guide.