Custom GitHub App

Before creating your container, you'll need to create a GitHub app for your organisation.

Creating a GitHub OAuth app

From GitHub, click on your profile picture and chose "Settings":

Step 1

Then "Developer settings" from the left-hand menu:

Step 2

Then "GitHub Apps":

Step 3

And create a new GitHub app:

Step 4

Give it a name, and a homepage URL. The callback URL is the important bit. It needs to be in this form:

1[your-nx-cloud-url]/callbacks/github-user 2 3# for example 4https://my.nx-enterprise.url:8080/callbacks/github-user 5

Once you create the app, keep a note of the Client ID and App ID:

Step 6

Then generate a new client secret, and save it somewhere secure (we'll use it in a bit):

Step 7

Configure Permissions for the GitHub App

The following permissions are required for Nx Cloud to work:

Repository permissions:

  • Contents: Read & Write
  • Pull requests: Read & Write
  • Checks: Read Only
  • Commit Statuses: Read & Write
  • Issues: Read & Write
  • Metadata: Read Only

Organization permissions:

  • Administration: Read Only
  • Members: Read Only

Configure Nx Cloud Installation

Using Helm:

1image: 2 tag: 'latest' 3 4nxCloudAppURL: '' 5 6github: 7 auth: 8 enabled: true 9 10secret: 11 name: 'cloudsecret' 12 githubAppClientId: 'NX_CLOUD_GITHUB_APP_CLIENT_ID' 13 githubAppClientSecret: 'NX_CLOUD_GITHUB_APP_CLIENT_SECRET' 14 githubAppId: 'NX_CLOUD_GITHUB_APP_APP_ID' 15

Note that the secret must contain NX_CLOUD_GITHUB_APP_CLIENT_ID, NX_CLOUD_GITHUB_APP_APP_ID, and NX_CLOUD_GITHUB_APP_CLIENT_SECRET ( see Nx Cloud Helm Charts for more context).

Not using Helm:

Provide the following env variables to the nx-cloud-frontend container:

Helm Chart Environment Variables

If you are using our Helm chart, you can find all the information you need about env variables in the Helm chart repository.