GitLab Auth

Before creating your container, you'll need to create a GitLab app for your organisation.

Creating a GitLab app

From GitLab, click on your profile picture and chose "Preferences":

Step 1

Then "Applications" from the left-hand menu:

Step 2

Give the app a name. The authorization callback is the important bit. It needs to be in this form:

1[your-nx-cloud-url]/auth-callback 2 3# for example 4https://my.nx-enterprise.url:8080/auth-callback 5

Important: Ensure there is no backslash at the end of the "Redirect URI" (i.e. it matches the above pattern)

Step 3

Ensure you grant it the "read_user" scope:

Step 4

Click "Save application".

Once you create, keep a note of the Client ID and the Secret:

Step 5

Connect your Nx Cloud installation to your new app

Provide the following env variables to the nx-cloud-frontend container:

Helm Chart Environment Variables

If you are using our Helm chart, you can find all the information you need about env variables in the Helm chart repository.

Self-hosted GitLab

If you are running a self-hosted version of GitLab, you will need to configure one additional environment variable:


This will point all the auth endpoints to your GitLab server (rather the public one).