@nrwl/nx-cloud - Release notes


  • Fix: Resolve issue where sometimes cache hits would be reported as misses when paired with Nx 13.0-13.5
  • Fix: Correctly infer NX_BRANCH while running in Gitlab CI


  • Feat: Add NX_CLOUD_SILENT_RECORD environment variable for use with nx-cloud record
  • Feat: Add NX_CLOUD_AGENT_TIMEOUT_MS environment variable to configure task timeouts


  • Fix: Provider nicer failure message when version of Nx is incompatible with @nrwl/nx-cloud
  • Fix: Use Nx task graph if provided


  • Fix: Handle overrides_unparsed property for nx:run-commands executor


  • Fix: Gracefully handle errors with corrupted tarballs
  • Fix: Resolve issue where tasks run with read-only DTE would cause 404s on artifact retrieval
  • Feat: Allow specifying Nx Cloud installation source through generator


  • Fix: Workspace name for new Nx Cloud workspaces is pulled from package.json instead of nx.json
  • Fix: @nrwl/nx-cloud can be run from directories other than workspace root
  • Fix: Correctly infer NX_BRANCH and NX_RUN_GROUP from Jenkins
  • Fix: Ignore errors related to excess whitespace in tarballs


  • Fix: Enable caching for all inner commands


  • Fix: Remove dependency on @nrwl/devkit for init generator


  • Fix: Correctly infer NX_BRANCH and NX_RUN_GROUP from Vercel


  • Feat: Nx 14 Compatibility
  • Fix: Exit with status code of child process when recording commands with nx-cloud record


  • Feat: Store output for non-Nx commands in Nx Cloud. Check out https://nx.dev/nx-cloud/set-up/record-commands for more information.


  • Fix: Newer version of chalk was required, so the package didn't work with older versions of Nx.
  • Feat: Prepare the package to work with Nx 13.10.0


Cleanup: Handle issues with the network and the api in a consistent fashion.


  • Fix: Print detailed errors when an agent is not able to upload file artifacts.


  • Feat: Support Nx 13.3 new life cycle API


  • Feat: GitHub Actions handle DTE reruns without requiring npx nx-cloud start-ci-run


  • Fix: DTE main job properly copies files after DTE is finished
  • Fix: Increased Node version compatibility for DTE Agents


  • Fix: Correctly print unexpected exceptions
  • Fix: Gracefully handle the case when tasks-hashes are missing
  • Fix: Agents should wait for the main job to start a rerun of a run group
  • Fix: Retry requests if we receive a 503


  • Fix: DTE could get stuck when trying to execute tasks with different configurations

Docker Containers


  • Misc: Fixes to the Gitlab integration


  • Misc: This release contains small bug fixes and UI improvements.


  • Feat: IAM Role Auth. We have now deprecated "aws_access_key_id" and "aws_access_key_secret" in favor of service accounts and IAM roles for accessing AWS resources. See the new guide here for details.


  • Misc: This release mostly contains improvements that apply to the Public SASS version of NxCloud. No significant changes for the On-Prem version.


  • Feat: Private Cloud now runs completely as Kubernetes cluster. See the Helm example repo for more details


  • Fix: issue with retrieving hashes during reads
  • Feat: added route to display container version at /version
  • Misc: forward api errors to stderr so k8s clusters can process them better


  • Note: The version naming scheme for the containers was changed to better track date/time of releases and to support embedding of the version inside the web UI
  • Feat: view the container version under the /errors route
  • Feat: BitBucket login (note: does not support self-hosted instances of BitBucket Server)
  • Feat: New system-ui font scheme
  • Fix: branch screen sorting performance improvements


  • Fixes an intermittent container start-up issue when running a self-contained Mongo instance
  • Fixes an issue with the self-hosted file-server where it would fail to create the initial directories


  • Fix an issue with the admin password not being set correctly


  • Align all NxCloud images to this version. No new fixes or features included.



The default container mode has changed from COMMUNITY to ENTERPRISE. If you are running a Community version of the container, you will need to make sure the NX_CLOUD_MODE=private-community is explicitly set (otherwise your container will fail to start-up).

  • Fix: Web app performance improvements
  • Fix: issue with GitHub logged in admins not being able to download logs
  • Fix: issue with billing page when multiple access tokens were attached to the same org
  • Fix: multiple Mongo DBs used to be created if a default DB was not provided in the connection string. Now it always defaults to the provided NX_CLOUD_MONGO_DB_NAME


  • Misc: performance improvements to DB indexes
  • Misc: improvements to hash differ to use regex
  • Misc: export more collections for debug purposes (workspaces and organizations)


  • Fix: issue with navigating to organizations/workspaces in the web app


  • Feat: filters to branch and run list pages
  • Fix: improved MD5 cache artifact archiving
  • Misc: various UI and UX improvements to the NxCloud dashboards


  • Fix: Missing artefact retrieval error when using read-tokens
  • Fix: Performance improvements to the branch page and run groups sorting
  • Fix: better handling of artefact .tar archiving


  • Feat: Billing page messaging improvements
  • Fix: runs sorting on branch page


  • Feat: DTE post-run report
  • Feat: Hash Detail tool flow improvements


  • Feat: Admins can now easily export debug info for error investigation
  • Fix: branch screen run group sorting


  • Feat: GitLab Auth Support/private-cloud-gitlab-auth
  • Feat: Hash diffing tool improvements
  • Feat: show message on branch page if workspace is unclaimed
  • Fix: Agent out of memory warning
  • Feat: cache inner runs
  • Fix: include correct GitHub workflows path
  • Fix: default to most recent run group on branch page
  • Fix: handle DTEs with no tasks
  • Fix: await process checkout sessions


  • Feat: Increase file-server default cached artifact limit. If you are not using an external file storage (such as S3), then the cached assets will now be kept by default from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, increasing the chance of cache hits.
  • Feat: "Download cache usage" data from the "Time saved" workspace page


  • Feat: GitHub Integration - no token is now necessary in "nx.json" for the GitHub integration to work (you still need to provide as an env var for caching to work). To connect your workspace to GitHub without an access token in "nx.json" just pass in the "NX_CLOUD_INTEGRATION_DEFAULT_WORKSPACE_ID=<your-workspace-id>" env var
  • Misc: better error handling (report less false positives)
  • Fix: Scheduled tasks locking


  • Misc: DB performance improvements (old records clean-up aggregator, indexes etc.)


  • Feat: Add options to control database load
  • Fix: Better exception handling in the API


  • Feat: Optimize event processing to increase the throughput of workspaces with a very high number of agents.
  • Fix: Gracefully recover when stats aggregation fails


  • Feat: Hash diffing tool enhancements


  • Feat: DTE visualisation improvements for larger workspaces
  • Fix: billing page not displaying subscriptions for Private Community


  • Feat: Better error handling for scheduled tasks
  • Fix: branch screen not loading


  • Feat: Various UI improvements to the NxCloud screens
  • Feat: Hash detail diff tool
  • Feat: GitHub app comment revamp
  • Feat: DTE visualisation


  • Fix: DTE bug fixes caused by incorrectly batched tasks


  • Fix: various DTE bug fixes
  • Feat: Add NX_CLOUD_DISTRIBUTED_EXECUTION_AGENT_COUNT env var for more explicitly optimising DTEs
  • Feat: Send GitHub workspace membership invites by email
  • Fix: improve container start-up time
  • Feat: If Mongo connection fails during container start-up it keeps retrying up to a max number of times (configurable via MONGO_MAX_RETRIES)
  • Feat: expose "/ping" endpoint (can be useful for K8s readinessProbe)
    • curl --fail http://localhost:8081/nx-cloud/ping --header "authorization: your-nx-cloud-access-token"
  • Feat: billing estimator (on billing page)
  • Fix: ignore ending slash on NX_CLOUD_APP_URL (in case it's added by mistake)


  • Feat: VERBOSE=1 env variable option to output extra information during container initialisation
  • Feat: MONGO_REPAIR=1 env variable option to trigger a Mongo Repair if the container data gets corrupted


  • Fix: Reset the memory limits to best work on an instance with 8GB of RAM.
  • Fix: Set the default NX_CLOUD_MODE to "community".