Nx and Modern Angular

Nx is a smart and extensible build framework that helps you develop, test, build, and scale Angular applications with fully integrated support for modern tools like Jest, Cypress, Storybook, ESLint, NgRx, and more.

Nx takes the core of the Angular framework and the CLI and provides a more modern development experience on top of them. Nxprovides better linting, better testing, a faster CLI, support for popular community libraries and tools.

Nx uses distributed graph-based task execution and computation caching. Keep your CI and local dev experience fast as your repository grows.

You can get started by creating a modern Angular workspace with Nx, or add it to an existing Angular workspace .

Create an Angular Workspace with Nx

Get started right away by creating a new Angular workspace by running the following command in your Terminal or Command prompt:

Once you’ve created your Angular workspace, follow the steps in this tutorial to learn how to add testing, share code, view dependency graphs, and much, much more.

If you want to add Nx to an existing Angular project, check out this guide.

Best-in-Class Support for Monorepos

Nx provides distributed graph-based task execution and computation caching.

Nx is smart. It analyzes your workspace and figures out what can be affected by every code change. That's why Nx doesn't rebuild and retest everything on every commit — it only rebuilds what is necessary.

Nx partitions commands into a graph of smaller tasks. Nx then runs those tasks in parallel, and it can even distribute them across many machines without any configuration.

Nx also uses a distributed computation cache. If someone has already built or tested similar code, Nx will use their results to speed up the command for everyone else.

Distributed Graph-Based Task Execution and Computation Caching illustration

Rich Plugin Ecosystem

Nx is an open platform with plugins for many modern tools and frameworks.It has support for TypeScript, Angular, NativeScript, Cypress, Jest, Prettier, Nest.js, AngularCLI, Storybook, Ionic, Go, Rust among others. With Nx, you get a consistent dev experience regardless of the tools used.

For instance:

Nx Integrated Development Experience

Nx provides a modern dev experience that is more integrated. Nx adds a high-quality VS Code plugin which helps you use the build tool effectively, generate components in folders, and much more.

Nx also supports optional free cloud support with Nx Cloud as well as GitHub integration. Share links with your teammates where everyone working on a project can examine detailed build logs and get insights about how to improve your project and build.

Nx Integrated Development Experience illustration

Ready to dive in?Start using Nx with Angular today.

Learn More About Nx

To learn more about Nx and how Nx can increase your dev and build efficiency and modernize your apps stack, check out the following resources:

You can also follow Nx Dev Tools on Twitter to keep up with latest news, feature announcements, and resources from the Nx Core Team.

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