Keep Nx Versions in Sync

If your Nx plugin versions do not match the version of nx in your repository, you can encounter some difficult to debug errors. To get your Nx plugins back in sync, follow the steps below:

  1. Identify all the official Nx plugins that are used in your repo. This includes nx and any packages in the @nx/ or @nrwl/ organization scope, except for plugins that are still in nx-labs. Also, nx-cloud does not need to match the other package versions.
  2. Run nx report and identify the minimum and maximum version numbers for all the packages that need to by in sync.
  3. Run nx migrate --from=[minimumVersion] --to=[maximumVersion]. Note that all the official Nx plugin migration generators are designed to be idempotent - meaning that running them multiple times is equivalent to running them once. This allows you to run the migrations for all plugins without being concerned about re-running a migration that was already run.

Review the nx migrate documentation for more options.


To ensure that the Nx plugin versions do not get out of sync, make sure to:

  • always run nx add <plugin> when installing an Nx official plugin instead of using the package manager to install it
  • always run nx migrate <version> when updating versions instead of manually updating the package.json file