Environment Variables

NX_VERBOSE_LOGGINGbooleanIf set to true, will print debug information useful for troubleshooting
NX_PERF_LOGGINGbooleanIf set to true, will print debug information useful for for profiling executors and Nx itself
NX_TASKS_RUNNER_DYNAMIC_OUTPUTbooleanIf set to false, will use non-dynamic terminal output strategy (what you see in CI), even when you terminal can support the dynamic version
NX_CACHE_DIRECTORYstringThe cache is stored in node_modules/.cache/nx by default. Set this variable to use a different directory.
NX_SKIP_NX_CACHEbooleanRerun the tasks even when the results are available in the cache
NX_CACHE_PROJECT_GRAPHbooleanIf set to false, disables the project graph cache. Most useful when developing a plugin that modifies the project graph.
NX_DAEMONbooleanIf set to false, disables the Nx daemon process. Disable the daemon to print console.log statements in plugin code you are developing.
NX_PROFILEstringPrepend NX_PROFILE=profile.json before running targets with Nx to generate a file that be loaded in Chrome dev tools to visualize the performance of Nx across multiple processes.