Nx Console Project Details View

Nx Console provides seamless integration with the Project Details View. You can learn more about your project, run tasks or navigate the task graph with just a few clicks!


You can access the integrated Project Details View in multiple ways:

  • By clicking on the Preview icon to the top right of your project.json, package.json or any file that modifies targets (for example jest.config.ts or cypress.config.ts)
  • By using the codelenses in any of these files
  • By running the Nx: Open Project Details to Side action while any file in a project is open

In addition to viewing the Project Details View, Codelenses in tooling configuration files (like jest.config.ts) allow you to run targets via Nx with a single click. If you would like to disable the Codelens feature, you can do so easily:

  • In VSCode, simply turn off the nxConsole.enableCodeLens setting
  • In JetBrains IDEs, right-click a Codelens and select Hide `Code Vision: Nx Config Files` Inlay Hints