Install Nx in a Non-Javascript Repo

Nx can manage its own installation without requiring a package.json file or a node_modules folder. This type of installation is useful for repositories that may not contain any JavaScript or TypeScript (e.g. .Net or Java based workspaces that want to leverage Nx features). In this setup, the Nx CLI is all contained within a .nx folder.


You can install Nx in the .nx/installation directory by running nx init in a directory without a package.json file.

npx nx init

When Nx is installed in .nx, you can run Nx via a global Nx installation or the nx and nx.bat scripts that were created. In either case, the wrapper (.nx/nxw.js) will be invoked and ensure that the current workspace is up to date prior to invoking Nx.

nx build my-project

nx generate application

nx graph