Automate GitHub Releases

Nx Release can automate the creation of GitHub releases for you. GitHub releases are a great way to communicate the changes in your projects to your users.

GitHub Release Contents

When a GitHub release is created, it will include the changelog that Nx Release generates with entries based on the changes since the last release. Nx Release will parse the feat and fix type commits according to the Conventional Commits specification and sort them into appropriate sections of the changelog. Take a look at the Nx releases page to see examples of GitHub releases generated by Nx Release.

Enable Release Creation

To enable GitHub release creation for your workspace, set release.changelog.workspaceChangelog.createRelease to 'github' in nx.json:

1{ 2 "release": { 3 "changelog": { 4 "workspaceChangelog": { 5 "createRelease": "github" 6 } 7 } 8 } 9} 10

Preview the Release

Use nx release --dry-run to preview the GitHub release instead of creating it. This allows you to see what the release will look like without pushing anything to GitHub.

Disable File Creation

Since GitHub releases contain the changelog, you may wish to disable the generation and management of local the file. To do this, set release.changelog.workspaceChangelog.file to false in nx.json:

1{ 2 "release": { 3 "changelog": { 4 "workspaceChangelog": { 5 "file": false, 6 "createRelease": "github" 7 } 8 } 9 } 10} 11

Note: When configured this way, Nx Release will not delete existing changelog files, just ignore them.

Project Level Changelogs

Nx Release supports creating GitHub releases for project level changelogs as well. This is particularly useful when releasing projects independently. To enable this, set release.changelog.projectChangelogs.createRelease to 'github' in nx.json:

1{ 2 "release": { 3 "changelog": { 4 "projectChangelogs": { 5 "createRelease": "github" 6 } 7 } 8 } 9} 10
Project and Workspace GitHub Releases

Nx Release does not support creating GitHub releases for both project level changelogs and the workspace changelog. You will need to choose one or the other.