Intro to Nx

Nx is a powerful open-source build system that provides tools and techniques for enhancing developer productivity, optimizing CI performance, and maintaining code quality. Learn more about how Nx works.

You can use Nx to quickly scaffold a new standalone project or even an entire monorepo. It can be incrementally adopted and will grow with your project as it scales.

Start a New Monorepo

Its modular architecture lets you adopt Nx for package-based monorepos in combination with NPM, Yarn or PNPM, or create a fully integrated monorepo using Nx plugins. Learn more with the tutorials below.

Start a New Standalone Project

Nx works well not just for monorepos. Nx plugins help you scaffold new standalone projects with pre-configured tooling and modularize your codebase with local libraries.

Adding Nx to an Existing Project or Monorepo

Coming from an existing project and want to adopt Nx? We have a few recipes to help you get started.