Looking for React monorepos?

This tutorial sets up a repo with a single application at the root level that breaks out its code into libraries to add structure. If you are looking for a React monorepo setup then check out our React monorepo tutorial.

React Standalone Tutorial - Part 1: Code Generation


Creating a New Workspace

Run the command npx create-nx-workspace@latest and when prompted, provide the following responses:



npx create-nx-workspace@latest

> NX Let's create a new workspace [https://nx.dev/getting-started/intro] Choose what to create · react ✔ Repository name · store ✔ Application name · store Default stylesheet format · css Enable distributed caching to make your CI faster · Yes
Opting into Nx Cloud

You will also be prompted whether to add Nx Cloud to your workspace. We won't address this in this tutorial, but you can see the introduction to Nx Cloud for more details.

Once the command completes, the file structure should look like this:

store/ ├── e2e/ ├── src/ ├── tools/ ├── nx.json ├── package.json ├── project.json ├── README.md ├── tsconfig.base.json └── tsconfig.json

There are two projects that have been created for you:

  • A React application (store) with its configuration files at the root of the repo and source code in src.
  • A project for Cypress e2e tests for our store application in e2e.

As far as Nx is concerned, the root-level store app owns every file that doesn't belong to a different project. So files in the e2e folder belong to the e2e project, everything else belongs to store.

Nx Cypress Support

While we see the Cypress project here, we won't go deeper on Cypress in this tutorial. You can find more materials on Nx Cypress support on the @nrwl/cypress package page.

Generating a Component for the Store



npx nx g @nrwl/react:component shop

> NX Generating @nrwl/react:component ✔ Should this component be exported in the project? (y/N) · false CREATE src/app/shop/shop.module.css CREATE src/app/shop/shop.spec.tsx CREATE src/app/shop/shop.tsx

Nx Generator Syntax

Generating Libraries

To create the cart and shared/ui libraries, use the @nrwl/react:lib generator:



npx nx g @nrwl/react:library cart

> NX Generating @nrwl/react:library ✔ Which bundler would you like to use to build the library? · vite UPDATE nx.json CREATE cart/project.json CREATE .eslintrc.base.json UPDATE project.json UPDATE .eslintrc.json UPDATE e2e/.eslintrc.json CREATE cart/.eslintrc.json CREATE cart/README.md CREATE cart/package.json CREATE cart/src/index.ts CREATE cart/tsconfig.json CREATE cart/tsconfig.lib.json CREATE cart/index.html CREATE cart/src/demo.tsx UPDATE tsconfig.base.json UPDATE package.json CREATE cart/vite.config.ts CREATE cart/tsconfig.spec.json CREATE cart/src/lib/cart.module.css CREATE cart/src/lib/cart.spec.tsx CREATE cart/src/lib/cart.tsx


npx nx g @nrwl/react:lib shared/ui

> NX Generating @nrwl/react:library ✔ Which bundler would you like to use to build the library? · vite UPDATE nx.json CREATE shared/ui/project.json CREATE shared/ui/.eslintrc.json CREATE shared/ui/README.md CREATE shared/ui/package.json CREATE shared/ui/src/index.ts CREATE shared/ui/tsconfig.json CREATE shared/ui/tsconfig.lib.json CREATE shared/ui/index.html CREATE shared/ui/src/demo.tsx UPDATE tsconfig.base.json CREATE shared/ui/vite.config.ts CREATE shared/ui/tsconfig.spec.json CREATE shared/ui/src/lib/shared-ui.module.css CREATE shared/ui/src/lib/shared-ui.spec.tsx CREATE shared/ui/src/lib/shared-ui.tsx

You should now be able to see all three projects of our design:

  • store in the root
  • cart in cart
  • shared-ui in shared/ui

What's Next