Builds and packages an Angular library to be distributed as an NPM package. It supports incremental builds.

Options can be configured in workspace.json when defining the executor, or when invoking it. Read more about how to configure targets and executors here: https://nx.dev/core-concepts/configuration#targets.


project (required)

Type: string

The file path for the ng-packagr configuration file, relative to the workspace root.


Default: peerDependencies

Type: string

Possible values: dependencies, peerDependencies

When updateBuildableProjectDepsInPackageJson is true, this adds dependencies to either peerDependencies or dependencies.


Type: string

The full path for the TypeScript configuration file, relative to the workspace root.


Default: true

Type: boolean

Whether to update the buildable project dependencies in package.json.


Default: false

Type: boolean

Whether to run a build when any file changes.