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Running Custom Commands

This recipe will show how to run any terminal command within the nx build-chain.


1. Define the terminal command to be run

The command we want to run for each project is:

make hello

With this Makefile in the root of the project:

  echo "Hello, world!"
2. Update workspace.json

For each project for which you want to enable make, add a target in workspace.json:

// ...
"my-app": {
    "targets": {
        "make": {
            "executor": "@nrwl/workspace:run-commands",
                "options": {
                "commands": [
                        "command": "make hello"
        // ...

For more information, see the run-commands api doc.

3. Trigger the executor from the terminal

To run the executor for a single project:

nx run my-app:make

To run the executor for all affected projects:

nx affected --target=make

For more information, see the nx affected.