Build a Next.js app

Options can be configured in workspace.json when defining the executor, or when invoking it. Read more about how to configure targets and executors here: https://nx.dev/configuration/projectjson#targets.


outputPath (required)

Type: string

The output path of the generated files.

root (required)

Type: string

The source root


Default: true

Type: boolean

Read buildable libraries from source instead of building them separately.


Type: object[]

Replace files with other files in the build.


Type: string

The file to be replaced.


Type: string

The file to replace with.


Type: string

Path (relative to workspace root) to a function which takes phase, config, and builder options, and returns the resulting config. This is an advanced option and should not be used with a normal Next.js config file (i.e. next.config.js).