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Generator References

Here is a list of all generator available for this package.

  • add-lintingInternal

    Adds linting configuration to an Angular project.

  • application

    Creates an Angular application.

  • component

    Generate an Angular Component.

  • component-cypress-specInternal

    Creates a Cypress spec for a UI component that has a story.

  • component-storyInternal

    Creates a stories.ts file for a component.

  • component-test

    Creates a cypress component test file for a component.

  • convert-to-application-executor

    Converts projects to use the @nx/angular:application executor or the @angular-devkit/build-angular:application builder. Note: this is only supported in Angular versions >= 17.0.0.

  • directive

    Generate an Angular directive.

  • federate-module

    Create a federated module, which is exposed by a remote and can be subsequently loaded by a host.

  • initInternal

    Initializes the @nrwl/angular plugin.

  • library

    Creates an Angular library.

  • library-secondary-entry-point

    Creates a secondary entry point for an Angular publishable library.

  • remote

    Generate a Remote Angular Module Federation Application.

  • move

    Moves an Angular application or library to another folder within the workspace and updates the project configuration.

  • convert-to-with-mf

    Converts an old micro frontend configuration to use the new withModuleFederation helper. It will run successfully if the following conditions are met:

    • Is either a host or remote application
    • Shared npm package configurations have not been modified
    • Name used to identify the Micro Frontend application matches the project name

    OverridesThis generator will overwrite your webpack config. If you have additional custom configuration in your config file, it will be lost!

  • host

    Generate a Host Angular Module Federation Application.

  • ng-addInternal

    Migrates an Angular CLI workspace to Nx or adds the Angular plugin to an Nx workspace.

  • ngrx

    Adds NgRx support to an application or library.

  • ngrx-feature-store

    Adds an NgRx Feature Store to an application or library.

  • ngrx-root-store

    Adds an NgRx Root Store to an application.

  • pipe

    Generate an Angular Pipe

  • scam-to-standalone

    Convert an existing Single Component Angular Module (SCAM) to a Standalone Component.

  • scam

    Generate a component with an accompanying Single Component Angular Module (SCAM).

  • scam-directive

    Generate a directive with an accompanying Single Component Angular Module (SCAM).

  • scam-pipe

    Generate a pipe with an accompanying Single Component Angular Module (SCAM).

  • setup-mf

    Generate a Module Federation configuration for a given Angular application.

  • setup-ssr

    Generate Angular Universal (SSR) setup for an Angular application.

  • setup-tailwind

    Configures Tailwind CSS for an application or a buildable/publishable library.

  • stories

    Creates stories/specs for all components declared in a project.

  • storybook-configuration

    Adds Storybook configuration to a project.

  • cypress-component-configuration

    Setup Cypress component testing for a project.

  • web-worker

    Creates a Web Worker.