Schema for internal use only

Please do not extend this schema as it is part of Nx internal usage.


Set up Cypress component test for a project.

This is a framework-agnostic generator for adding component testing to a project.

1nx g cypress-component-configuration --project=my-cool-project 2

Running this generator, adds the required files to the specified project without any configurations for Cypress. It's best to use the framework specific generator, instead cypress-component-configuration directly

A new component-test target will be added to the specified project.

1nx g component-test my-cool-project 2

Read more about Cypress Component Testing


1nx generate component-configuration ... 2
1nx g cypress-component-configuration ... #same 2

By default, Nx will search for component-configuration in the default collection provisioned in workspace.json.

You can specify the collection explicitly as follows:

1nx g @nx/cypress:component-configuration ... 2
Nx 15 and lower use @nrwl/ instead of @nx/

Show what will be generated without writing to disk:

1nx g component-configuration ... --dry-run 2


Add cypress component testing to an existing project named my-cool-lib:

1nx g @nx/cypress:component-configuration --project=my-cool-lib 2
Nx 15 and lower use @nrwl/ instead of @nx/




The name of the project to add cypress component testing to


Default: webpack
Accepted values: vite, webpack

The Cypress bundler to use.


Default: cypress

A directory where the project is placed relative from the project root