Function: createProjectGraphAsync

createProjectGraphAsync(opts?): Promise<ProjectGraph>

Computes and returns a ProjectGraph.

Nx will compute the graph either in a daemon process or in the current process.

Nx will compute it in the current process if:

  • The process is running in CI (CI env variable is to true or other common variables used by CI providers are set).
  • It is running in the docker container.
  • The daemon process is disabled because of the previous error when starting the daemon.
  • NX_DAEMON is set to false.
  • useDaemonProcess is set to false in the options of the tasks runner inside nx.json

NX_DAEMON env variable takes precedence:

  • If it is set to true, the daemon will always be used.
  • If it is set to false, the graph will always be computed in the current process.

Tip: If you want to debug project graph creation, run your command with NX_DAEMON=false.

Nx uses two layers of caching: the information about explicit dependencies stored on the disk and the information stored in the daemon process. To reset both run: nx reset.