Function: generateFiles

generateFiles(tree, srcFolder, target, substitutions): void

Generates a folder of files based on provided templates.

While doing so it performs two substitutions:

  • Substitutes segments of file names surrounded by __
  • Uses ejs to substitute values in templates


1generateFiles(tree, path.join(__dirname, 'files'), './tools/scripts', { 2 tmpl: '', 3 name: 'myscript', 4}); 5

This command will take all the files from the files directory next to the place where the command is invoked from. It will replace all __tmpl__ with '' and all __name__ with 'myscript' in the file names, and will replace all <%= name %> with myscript in the files themselves. tmpl: '' is a common pattern. With it you can name files like this: index.ts__tmpl__, so your editor doesn't get confused about incorrect TypeScript files.


treeTreethe file system tree
srcFolderstringthe source folder of files (absolute path)
targetstringthe target folder (relative to the tree root)
substitutionsObjectan object of key-value pairs