Run target for affected projects


nx affected

Install nx globally to invoke the command directly using nx, or use npx nx, yarn nx, or pnpm nx.


Run custom target for all affected projects:

nx affected -t custom-target

Run tests in parallel:

nx affected -t test --parallel=5

Run lint, test, and build targets for affected projects. Requires Nx v15.4+:

nx affected -t lint test build

Run tests for all the projects affected by changing the index.ts file:

nx affected -t test --files=libs/mylib/src/index.ts

Run tests for all the projects affected by the changes between main and HEAD (e.g., PR):

nx affected -t test --base=main --head=HEAD

Run tests for all the projects affected by the last commit on main:

nx affected -t test --base=main~1 --head=main

Run build for only projects with the tag dotnet:

nx affected -t=build --exclude='*,!tag:dotnet'

Use the currently executing project name in your command:

nx affected -t build --tag=$NX_TASK_TARGET_PROJECT:latest

Preview the task graph that Nx would run inside a webview:

nx affected -t=build --graph

Save the task graph to a file:

nx affected -t=build --graph=output.json

Print the task graph to the console:

nx affected -t=build --graph=stdout



Type: boolean

Deprecated: Use nx run-many instead


Type: string

Base of the current branch (usually main)


Type: boolean

Default: false

Run task(s) in batches for executors which support batches


Type: string

This is the configuration to use when performing tasks on projects


Type: string

Exclude certain projects from being processed


Type: string

Change the way Nx is calculating the affected command by providing directly changed files, list of files delimited by commas or spaces


Type: string

Show the task graph of the command. Pass a file path to save the graph data instead of viewing it in the browser. Pass "stdout" to print the results to the terminal.

Type: string

Latest commit of the current branch (usually HEAD)


Type: boolean

Show help


Type: boolean

Default: false

Stop command execution after the first failed task


Type: boolean

Default: false

Ignore cycles in the task graph


Type: string

Choices: [dynamic, static, stream, stream-without-prefixes]

Defines how Nx emits outputs tasks logs

dynamicuse dynamic output life cycle, previous content is overwritten or modified as new outputs are added, display minimal logs by default, always show errors. This output format is recommended on your local development environments.
staticuses static output life cycle, no previous content is rewritten or modified as new outputs are added. This output format is recommened for CI environments.
streamnx by default logs output to an internal output stream, enable this option to stream logs to stdout / stderr
stream-without-prefixesnx prefixes the project name the target is running on, use this option remove the project name prefix from output


Type: string

Max number of parallel processes [default is 3]


Type: string

This is the name of the tasks runner configured in nx.json


Type: boolean

Default: false

Rerun the tasks even when the results are available in the cache


Type: string

Tasks to run for affected projects


Type: boolean

Uncommitted changes


Type: boolean

Untracked changes


Type: boolean

Prints additional information about the commands (e.g., stack traces)


Type: boolean

Show version number