@nx/react-native:executors | Nx

Executor References

Here is a list of all executor available for this package.

  • run-android

    Runs Android application.

  • run-ios

    Runs iOS application.

  • bundle

    Builds the JavaScript bundle for offline use.

  • build-android

    Release Build for Android.

  • build-ios

    Build iOS app

  • start

    Starts the Javascript server that communicates with connected devices.

  • sync-deps

    Syncs dependencies to package.json (required for autolinking).

  • ensure-symlink

    Ensure workspace node_modules is symlink under app's node_modules folder.

  • storybook

    Serve React Native Storybook.

  • pod-install

    Run pod install in the ios directory.

  • upgrade

    upgrade executor