@nx/remix:generators | Nx

Generator References

Here is a list of all generator available for this package.

  • presetInternal

    Generate a new Remix workspace

  • setupInternal

    Setup a Remix in an existing workspace

  • application

    Generate a new Remix application

  • cypress-component-configuration

    Generate a Cypress Component Testing configuration for a Remix project

  • library

    Generate a new library

  • initInternal

    Initialize the @nx/remix plugin.

  • route

    Generate a new route

  • resource-route

    Generate a new resource route

  • action

    Add an action function to an existing route

  • loader

    Add a loader function to an existing route

  • style

    Generates a new stylesheet and adds it to an existing route

  • setup-tailwind

    Generates a TailwindCSS configuration for the Remix application

  • storybook-configuration

    Generates a Storybook configuration for a Remix application

  • meta

    Add a meta function to an existing route

  • error-boundary

    Add an ErrorBoundary to an existing route