The Nx plugin for Vite and Vitest.

Vite.js is a build tool that aims to provide a faster and leaner development experience for modern web projects.

Why should you use this plugin?

  • Instant dev server start
  • Lightning fast Hot-Module Reloading
  • Fast builds using Vite.
  • Vite-powered tests with smart and instant watch mode

Read more about Vite and Vitest in the Vite documentation.

Setting up a new Nx workspace with @nx/vite

Here's an example on how to create a new React app with Vite

npx create-nx-workspace@latest --preset=react-standalone --bundler=vite


Keep Nx Package Versions In Sync

Make sure to install the @nx/vite version that matches the version of nx in your repository. If the version numbers get out of sync, you can encounter some difficult to debug errors. You can fix Nx version mismatches with this recipe.

In any Nx workspace, you can install @nx/vite by running the following command:

nx add @nx/vite

You can also pass the --setupPathsPlugin flag to add nxViteTsPaths plugin, so your projects can use workspace libraries.

nx add @nx/vite --setupPathsPlugin

This will install the correct version of @nx/vite.

How @nx/vite Infers Tasks

The @nx/vite plugin will create a task for any project that has a Vite configuration file present. Any of the following files will be recognized as a Vite configuration file:

  • vite.config.js
  • vite.config.ts
  • vite.config.mjs
  • vite.config.mts
  • vite.config.cjs
  • vite.config.cts
  • vitest.config.js
  • vitest.config.ts
  • vitest.config.mjs
  • vitest.config.mts
  • vitest.config.cjs
  • vitest.config.cts

View Inferred Tasks

To view inferred tasks for a project, open the project details view in Nx Console or run nx show project my-project --web in the command line.

@nx/vite Configuration

The @nx/vite/plugin is configured in the plugins array in nx.json.

1{ 2 "plugins": [ 3 { 4 "plugin": "@nx/vite/plugin", 5 "options": { 6 "buildTargetName": "build", 7 "previewTargetName": "preview", 8 "testTargetName": "test", 9 "serveTargetName": "serve", 10 "serveStaticTargetName": "serve-static" 11 } 12 } 13 ] 14} 15

The buildTargetName, previewTargetName, testTargetName, serveTargetName and serveStaticTargetName options control the names of the inferred Vite tasks. The default names are build, preview, test, serve and serve-static.

Using @nx/vite

Generate a new project using Vite

You can generate a React application or library or a Web application that uses Vite.js. The @nx/react:app, @nx/react:lib and @nx/web:app generators accept the bundler option, where you can pass vite. This will generate a new application configured to use Vite.js, and it will also install all the necessary dependencies, including the @nx/vite plugin.

To generate a React application using Vite.js, run the following:

1nx g @nx/react:app my-app --bundler=vite 2

To generate a React library using Vite.js, run the following:

1nx g @nx/react:lib my-lib --bundler=vite 2

To generate a Web application using Vite.js, run the following:

1nx g @nx/web:app my-app --bundler=vite 2

Modify an existing React or Web project to use Vite.js

You can use the @nx/vite:configuration generator to change your React or Web project to use Vite.js. This generator will modify your project's configuration to use Vite.js, and it will also install all the necessary dependencies, including the @nx/vite plugin..

You can read more about this generator on the @nx/vite:configuration generator page.

Package reference

Here is a list of all the executors and generators available from this package.




  • initInternal

    Initialize Vite in the workspace.

  • configuration

    Add Vite configuration to an application.

  • setup-paths-plugin

    Sets up the nxViteTsPaths plugin to enable support for workspace libraries.

  • convert-to-inferred

    Convert existing Vite project(s) using @nx/vite:* executors to use @nx/vite/plugin. Defaults to migrating all projects. Pass '--project' to migrate only one target.

  • vitest

    Generate a vitest configuration.