The Nx plugin for webpack.

Webpack is a static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications. The @nx/webpack plugin provides executors that allow you to build and serve your projects using webpack, plus an executor for SSR.

Nx now allows you to customize your webpack configuration for your projects. And we also offer a number of webpack plugins for supporting Nx and other frameworks.

Setting up a new Nx workspace with Webpack

You can create a new workspace that uses Webpack with one of the following commands:

  • Generate a new standalone React app set up with Webpack

npx create-nx-workspace@latest --preset=react-standalone --bundler=webpack

  • Generate a new React monorepo set up with Webpack

npx create-nx-workspace@latest --preset=react-monorepo --bundler=webpack


Keep Nx Package Versions In Sync

Make sure to install the @nx/webpack version that matches the version of nx in your repository. If the version numbers get out of sync, you can encounter some difficult to debug errors. You can fix Nx version mismatches with this recipe.

In any Nx workspace, you can install @nx/webpack by running the following command:

nx add @nx/webpack

This will install the correct version of @nx/webpack.

How @nx/webpack Infers Tasks

The @nx/webpack plugin will create a task for any project that has a Webpack configuration file present. Any of the following files will be recognized as a Webpack configuration file:

  • webpack.config.js
  • webpack.config.ts
  • webpack.config.mjs
  • webpack.config.mts
  • webpack.config.cjs
  • webpack.config.cts

View Inferred Tasks

To view inferred tasks for a project, open the project details view in Nx Console or run nx show project my-project --web in the command line.

@nx/webpack Configuration

The @nx/webpack/plugin is configured in the plugins array in nx.json.

1{ 2 "plugins": [ 3 { 4 "plugin": "@nx/webpack/plugin", 5 "options": { 6 "buildTargetName": "build", 7 "previewTargetName": "preview", 8 "serveTargetName": "serve", 9 "serveStaticTargetName": "serve-static" 10 } 11 } 12 ] 13} 14

The buildTargetName, previewTargetName, serveTargetName and serveStaticTargetName options control the names of the inferred Webpack tasks. The default names are build, preview, serve and serve-static.

Generate a new project using Webpack

You can generate a React application or a Web application that uses Webpack in an existing Nx workspace. The @nx/react:app, @nx/node:app and @nx/web:app generators accept the bundler option, where you can pass webpack. This will generate a new application configured to use Webpack, and it will also install all the necessary dependencies, including the @nx/webpack plugin.

To generate a React application using Webpack, run the following:

1nx g @nx/react:app my-app --bundler=webpack 2

To generate a Node application using Webpack, run the following:

1nx g @nx/node:app my-app --bundler=webpack 2

To generate a Web application using Webpack, run the following:

1nx g @nx/web:app my-app --bundler=webpack 2