Nx, NodeJS and TypeScript Compatibility Matrix

Below is a reference table that matches versions the latest major versions of Nx to the version TypeScript that it uses and the version of NodeJS that we tested it against.

Note: Other versions of NodeJS may still work without issue for these versions of Nx. This table outlines the version of NodeJS that we used when building and testing each particular version of Nx.

Nx VersionNode VersionTypescript Version
19.x (latest)22.x, 20.x, 18.x~5.4.2
18.x (previous)20.x, 18.x~5.4.2
17.x20.x, 18.x~5.1.0
16.x20.x, 18.x, 16.x~5.1.0
15.x18.x, 16.x, 14.x~5.0.0
14.x16.x, 14.x, 12.x~4.7.2
13.x14.x, 12.x, 10.x~4.6.2