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Access first-class editor support and a UI for the Nx CLI.

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Built by the team at Nrwl for Developers.

At Nrwl and Nx we set out to build a tool to make our own lives easier when developing applications powered by Nx and JavaScript, but we soon realized that Nx Console is a dynamic tool for every developer.

It has allowed us and our clients to ship code faster and ultimately provide more value to users with less effort than ever before!

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Everything your Nx CLI can do.

Modern JavaScript frameworks such as React and Angular are immensely powerful and extensible. In fact, there are so many capabilities that it is helpful for developers to have all of the different configuration options for every command available to them. With Nx Console, you’ll get recommendations and be able to pull up even the most easily forgotten or rarely used features!

Nx Console is, first and foremost, a more productive way to work with what the Nx CLI provides.

Trivial Code Generation

Leverage the Nx CLI's built-in generators for Components, Services and more, all without having to remember a single command line flag.

Build Nx CLI Commands Visually

Using our visual form-driven UI, you get all of the flags and arguments for your chosen command available inline.

Keyboard Driven Workflow

Run CLI commands from the Command Palette without ever having to take your hands off your keyboard.

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A Gateway for Beginners. A Powertool for Experts.

Whether you are new to the JavaScript ecosystem or a seasoned pro and command-line power-user, Nx Console adds a lot of value to every developer’s workflow.

Nx Console allows you to build JavaScript applications from end to end, all without touching the command line, and you will never have to look up Nx CLI flag arguments ever again!

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Get access to key learning materials

With accessible and free online content about Nx, you can quickly get up and running with all of Nx's features. Nx tutorials and resources are continuously updated with the latest version. Plus, when you're looking for advanced courses visit NxPlaybook.com.

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