Intro to Nx

Nx is a suite of powerful, extensible dev tools that help you develop, test, build, and scale React applications with fully integrated support for modern libraries like Jest, Cypress, ESLint, and more. Nx also supports React frameworks like Gatsby and Next.js.

10-Minute Nx Overview


Nx is built on a technology agnostic core that maintains modular units of code and understands the dependency graph between them. Developers comprehend that your app contains two pages that each use a shared button component. Nx uses this same knowledge to provide insights and performance improvements. There's a whole ecosystem of plugins that build on this foundation.

Nx becomes more valuable as you scale, solving problems that are frustrating for small teams, but paralyzing for large teams.

Nx works especially well for monorepos. Each new app added to a monorepo provides more opportunities to share code and tooling but that often comes at the cost of a compounding slowdown in the CI pipeline. Nx ensures that adding another app to the repo does not increase the existing app’s test or build time.


  • Test (or builds or lints) only the projects affected by a code change.
  • Cache command output locally so that future runs on the same code happen in seconds. The paid Nx Cloud offering allows this cache to be shared across every developer in your organization.
  • Provide a consistent syntax for executing commands. nx build my-app works no matter what framework my-app uses.
  • Automate code modification tasks with generators.
  • Access a thriving ecosystem of plugins from Nrwl and the community.

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