The Expo Plugin for Nx contains executors and generators for managing and developing an expo application within your workspace. For example, you can directly build for different target platforms as well as generate projects and publish your code.

Package reference

Here is a list of all the executors and generators available from this package.



  • update

    Start an EAS update for your expo project

  • build

    Start an EAS build for your expo project

  • build-list

    List all EAS builds for your Expo project

  • download

    Download an EAS build

  • build-ios

    Build and sign a standalone IPA for the Apple App Store

  • build-android

    Build and sign a standalone APK or App Bundle for the Google Play Store

  • build-web

    Build the web app for production

  • build-status

    Get the status of the latest build for the project

  • publish

    Deploy a project to Expo hosting

  • publish-set

    Specify the channel to serve a published release

  • rollback

    Undo an update to a channel

  • run

    Run the Android app binary locally or run the iOS app binary locally

  • start

    Start a local dev server for the app or start a Webpack dev server for the web app

  • sync-deps

    Syncs dependencies to package.json (required for autolinking).

  • ensure-symlink

    Ensure workspace node_modules is symlink under app's node_modules folder.

  • prebuild

    Create native iOS and Android project files for building natively.

  • install

    Install a module or other package to a project.

  • export

    Export the JavaScript and assets for your app using Metro/webpack bundler