@nrwl/expo:executors | Nx

Executor References

Here is a list of all executor available for this package.

  • update

    Start an EAS update for your expo project

  • build

    Start an EAS build for your expo project

  • build-list

    List all EAS builds for your Expo project

  • download

    Download an EAS build

  • build-ios

    Build and sign a standalone IPA for the Apple App Store

  • build-android

    Build and sign a standalone APK or App Bundle for the Google Play Store

  • build-web

    Build the web app for production

  • build-status

    Get the status of the latest build for the project

  • publish

    Deploy a project to Expo hosting

  • publish-set

    Specify the channel to serve a published release

  • rollback

    Undo an update to a channel

  • run

    Run the Android app binary locally or run the iOS app binary locally

  • start

    Start a local dev server for the app or start a Webpack dev server for the web app

  • sync-deps

    Syncs dependencies to package.json (required for autolinking).

  • ensure-symlink

    Ensure workspace node_modules is symlink under app's node_modules folder.

  • prebuild

    Create native iOS and Android project files for building natively.

  • install

    Install a module or other package to a project.

  • export

    Export the JavaScript and assets for your app using Metro/webpack bundler