Configuring styles and preprocessor options for Angular projects with a Storybook configuration


This documentation page contains information about the Storybook plugin, specifically regarding Angular projects that are using Storybook.

Angular supports including extra entry-point files for styles. Also, in case you use Sass, you can add extra base paths that will be checked for imports. In your project's project.json file you can use the styles and stylePreprocessorOptions properties in your storybook and build-storybook target options, as you would in your Storybook or your Angular configurations. If your project is an application, you can add these extra options in your build target. Your storybook and build-storybook browserTarget are going to be pointing to the build target, so they will pick up these styles from there. Check out the Angular Workspace Configuration documentation for more information. You can also check the official Storybook for Angular documentation on working with styles and CSS.

Your Storybook targets in your project.json will look like this:

"storybook": { "executor": "@storybook/angular:start-storybook", "options": { ... "styles": ["some-styles.css"], "stylePreprocessorOptions": { "includePaths": ["some-style-paths"] } }, ... }, "build-storybook": { "executor": "@storybook/angular:build-storybook", ... "options": { ... "styles": ["some-styles.css"], "stylePreprocessorOptions": { "includePaths": ["some-style-paths"] } }, ... }

Using build-storybook for styles

Chances are, you will most probably need the same styles and stylePreprocessorOptions for your storybook and your build-storybook targets. Since you're using browserTarget, that means that Storybook will use the options of build or build-storybook when executing the storybook task (when compiling your Storybook). In that case, as explained, you only need to add the styles or stylePreprocessorOptions to the corresponding target (build or build-storybook) that the browserTarget is pointing to. In that case, for example, the configuration shown above would look like this:

"storybook": { "executor": "@storybook/angular:start-storybook", "options": { ... "browserTarget": "my-project:build-storybook" }, ... }, "build-storybook": { "executor": "@storybook/angular:build-storybook", ... "options": { ... "browserTarget": "my-project:build-storybook", "styles": ["some-styles.css"], "stylePreprocessorOptions": { "includePaths": ["some-style-paths"] } }, ... }