Two Styles of Repo

There are two styles of repos: integrated and package-based. This tutorial shows the integrated style.

You can find more information on the difference between the two in our introduction.

React Monorepo Tutorial - Part 1: Code Generation


Your Objective

For this tutorial, you'll create two React applications, a React lib for your common components, and a library for your business logic as follows:

Our Workspace Requirements

Creating an Nx Workspace

Run the command npx create-nx-workspace@latest and when prompted, provide the following responses:



npx create-nx-workspace@latest

✔ Choose your style · integrated ✔ What to create in the new workspace · react ✔ Repository name · myorg ✔ Application name · store Default stylesheet format · css Enable distributed caching to make your CI faster · Yes
Opting into Nx Cloud

You will also be prompted whether to add Nx Cloud to your workspace. We won't address this in this tutorial, but you can see the introduction to Nx Cloud for more details.

Once the command completes, notice two projects were added to the workspace:

  • A React application located in apps/store.
  • A Project for Cypress e2e tests for our store application in apps/store-e2e.
Nx Cypress Support

While we see the Cypress project here, we won't go deeper on Cypress in this tutorial. You can find more materials on Nx Cypress support on the @nx/cypress package page.

Adding Another Application to Your Workspace

Run this command to create your admin app:



npx nx g @nx/react:app admin

> NX Generating @nx/react:application CREATE apps/admin/.babelrc CREATE apps/admin/.browserslistrc CREATE apps/admin/src/app/app.spec.tsx CREATE apps/admin/src/app/nx-welcome.tsx CREATE apps/admin/src/assets/.gitkeep CREATE apps/admin/src/environments/ CREATE apps/admin/src/environments/environment.ts CREATE apps/admin/src/favicon.ico CREATE apps/admin/src/index.html CREATE apps/admin/src/main.tsx CREATE apps/admin/src/polyfills.ts CREATE apps/admin/ CREATE apps/admin/tsconfig.json CREATE apps/admin/src/app/app.module.css CREATE apps/admin/src/app/app.tsx CREATE apps/admin/src/styles.css CREATE apps/admin/project.json CREATE apps/admin/.eslintrc.json CREATE apps/admin-e2e/cypress.config.ts CREATE apps/admin-e2e/src/e2e/ CREATE apps/admin-e2e/src/fixtures/example.json CREATE apps/admin-e2e/src/support/app.po.ts CREATE apps/admin-e2e/src/support/commands.ts CREATE apps/admin-e2e/src/support/e2e.ts CREATE apps/admin-e2e/tsconfig.json CREATE apps/admin-e2e/project.json CREATE apps/admin-e2e/.eslintrc.json CREATE apps/admin/jest.config.ts CREATE apps/admin/tsconfig.spec.json
Nx 15 and lower use @nrwl/ instead of @nx/

Nx Generator Syntax

Generating Libraries

To create the common-ui and products libraries, use the @nx/react:lib and @nx/js:lib generators respectively:



npx nx g @nx/react:lib common-ui

> NX Generating @nx/react:library CREATE libs/common-ui/project.json CREATE libs/common-ui/.eslintrc.json CREATE libs/common-ui/.babelrc CREATE libs/common-ui/ CREATE libs/common-ui/src/index.ts CREATE libs/common-ui/tsconfig.json CREATE libs/common-ui/tsconfig.lib.json UPDATE tsconfig.base.json CREATE libs/common-ui/jest.config.ts CREATE libs/common-ui/tsconfig.spec.json CREATE libs/common-ui/src/lib/common-ui.module.css CREATE libs/common-ui/src/lib/common-ui.spec.tsx CREATE libs/common-ui/src/lib/common-ui.tsx
Nx 15 and lower use @nrwl/ instead of @nx/


npx nx g @nx/js:lib products

> NX Generating @nx/js:library CREATE libs/products/ CREATE libs/products/package.json CREATE libs/products/src/index.ts CREATE libs/products/src/lib/products.spec.ts CREATE libs/products/src/lib/products.ts CREATE libs/products/tsconfig.json CREATE libs/products/tsconfig.lib.json CREATE libs/products/.babelrc CREATE libs/products/project.json UPDATE tsconfig.base.json CREATE libs/products/.eslintrc.json CREATE libs/products/jest.config.ts CREATE libs/products/tsconfig.spec.json
Nx 15 and lower use @nrwl/ instead of @nx/

You should now be able to see all four projects of our design:

  • store in apps/store
  • admin in apps/admin
  • products in libs/products
  • common-ui in libs/common-ui

What's Next