Use Executor Configurations

The configurations property provides extra sets of values that will be merged into the options map.

{ "build": { "executor": "@nrwl/js:tsc", "outputs": ["{workspaceRoot}/dist/libs/mylib"], "dependsOn": ["^build"], "options": { "tsConfig": "libs/mylib/tsconfig.lib.json", "main": "libs/mylib/src/main.ts" }, "configurations": { "production": { "tsConfig": "libs/mylib/tsconfig-prod.lib.json" } } } }

You can select a configuration like this: nx build mylib --configuration=production or nx run mylib:build:configuration=production.

The following code snippet shows how the executor options get constructed:

require(`@nrwl/jest`).executors['jest']({ ...options, ...selectedConfiguration, ...commandLineArgs, }); // Pseudocode

The selected configuration adds/overrides the default options, and the provided command line args add/override the configuration options.