Rescope Packages from @nrwl to @nx

As of version 16, all the official Nx plugins are moving from the @nrwl npm scope to @nx. The goal is for anyone looking through a list of dependencies to easily make the connection between the nx package and the @nx plugins that are associated with it.

@nrwl/* packages are still provided and reexport the @nx/* packages so any third-party plugins should continue to work. Any generators (e.g. @nrwl/react:library) and executors (e.g. @nrwl/webpack:webpack) will continue to work in the interim as well.

What Do You Need To Do?

For new repos, run npx create-nx-workspace as usual. The correct packages will be added.

For existing repos, run nx migrate as you normally would. When migrating to version 16 or higher, the package names will be automatically updated for you. If you have a local script, update it to use @nx/* packages.

If you maintain a Nx plugin, please update it to use the @nx/* packages.

If you come across Nrwl in blog posts, videos, or elsewhere, that content is likely referring to these packages. Depending on when the content was published, it is likely still relevant.


The packages are being renamed as defined in the tables below:

The following packages were not simply rescoped @nrwl to @nx.

Nx 15 and lowerNx 16 and higher
Nx 15 and lowerNx 16Nx 17

Rescope Only

All other packages keep the same name, but change scope from @nrwl to @nx.

Nx 15 and lowerNx 16

@nrwl Scope End of Life

Starting in version 20, the @nrwl scoped packages will no longer be published to npm. Only the @nx scoped packages will be available on the npm registry.