Add an Integrated Project in a Package-based Repository

In a package-based repository, you've intentionally opted out of some of Nx's features in order to give yourself more flexibility. If you decide to add a new project using the integrated style, the process is straight-forward.

To add an integrated project:

  1. Install the plugin you want to use (i.e. nx add @nx/react)
  2. Generate an application or library using that plugin (i.e. nx g @nx/react:app)

The integrated project is now ready to use. Next, we'll discuss some of the changes that were applied to your codebase.

package.json dependencies

All the dependencies that are required for an integrated project are maintained in the root package.json file. In order to use the plugin's Automate Updating Framework Dependencies feature, we recommend using a Single Version Policy for integrated projects.


Even if the project you added only uses javascript, a tsconfig.base.json file is generated in the root of the repo. This file is needed for the tooling that Nx provides. Nx creates a typescript path alias for each library and then uses that path (rather than npm/yarn/pnpm workspaces) to allow local projects to reference the library.


The project itself will have a project.json file where some tasks might be explicitly defined while other tasks will be inferred by the plugin used. This can include tasks like build, serve and test.

Other Configuration Files

Depending on the type of integrated project you created, there may be other configuration files. These could include files like .eslintrc.json, jest.config.ts and a project-level tsconfig.json.

Code Generators

The Nx plugin you installed provides code generators that you can use to scaffold out your application quickly and in a consistent way. See Use Code Generators for more information.


You can opt in to using Nx's integrated features on a per project basis. This allows you to experiment with the functionality to see if the value those features provide is worth giving up some of the flexibility a package-based repository gives you.