Convert from a Standalone Repository to an Integrated Repository

In many ways, a standalone repository is an integrated repository, but with one primary app located at the root of the repository. Both types of repos use plugins to generate code and to keep dependencies and config files up to date. Both types of repos use executors to hide away unneeded complexity.

You can always add another app to a standalone repository the same way you would in an integrated repo. But at some point, you may want to move the primary app out of the root of your repo because the repo is no longer primarily focused on that one app. There are other apps that are equally important and you want the folder structure to align with the new reality.

Run the Generator

The convert-to-monorepo generator will attempt to convert a standalone repo to an integrated monorepo.

nx g convert-to-monorepo

If you need to do the conversion manually, you can follow the steps below.

Manual Conversion Strategy

For this recipe, we'll assume that the root-level app is named my-app. The high-level process we'll go through to move the app involves four stages:

  1. Create a new app named temp under apps/temp.
  2. Move source and config files from my-app into apps/temp.
  3. Delete the files for my-app.
  4. Rename apps/temp to apps/my-app


  1. Update the workspaceLayout property in nx.json to be:

    1{ 2 "workspaceLayout": { 3 "appsDir": "apps", 4 "libsDir": "libs" 5 } 6} 7

    This will make sure that new apps are created under apps and new libraries are created under libs.

  2. If there is a tsconfig.json file in the root, rename it to tsconfig.old.json

    This step is to make sure that a tsconfig.base.json file is generated by the app generator in the next step.

  3. Create a new app using the appropriate plugin under apps/temp

    nx g app temp

  4. Move the /src (and /public, if present) folders to apps/temp/, overwriting the folders already there.

  5. For each config file in apps/temp, copy over the corresponding file from the root of the repo.

    It can be difficult to know which files are root-level config files and which files are project-specific config files. Here is a non-exhaustive list of config files to help distinguish between the two.

    Type of ConfigFiles
    Root-level.eslintignore, .eslintrc.base.json, .gitignore, .prettierignore, jest.config.ts, jest.preset.js, .prettierrc, nx.json, package.json, tsconfig.base.json
    Project-level.eslintrc.json, index.html, project.json,,, tsconfig.json, tsconfig.spec.json, vite.config.ts, webpack.config.js in the root should be renamed to jest.config.ts when moved to apps/temp. Also update the jestConfig option in project.json to point to jest.config.ts instead of

  6. Update the paths of the project-specific config files that were copied into apps/temp.

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of properties that will need to be updated to have the correct path:

    Config File(s)Properties to Check
    project.json$schema, sourceRoot, root, outputPath, reportsDirectory, cypressConfig, lintFilePatterns, index, main, tsConfig, assets, styles, jestConfig
    tsconfig.json,, tsconfig.spec.jsonextends, outDir, files
    jest.config.tspreset, coverageDirectory
    vite.config.tscacheDir, root, dir
  7. Doublecheck that all the tasks defined in the apps/temp/project.json file still work.

    nx build temp

    nx test temp

    nx lint temp

  8. Move the /e2e/src folder to /apps/temp-e2e, overwriting the folder already there

  9. For each config file in apps/temp-e2e, copy over the corresponding file from the root of the repo. Update the paths for these files in the same way you did for the my-app config files.

  10. Update the /apps/temp-e2e/project.json implicitDependencies to be temp instead of my-app

  11. Doublecheck that all the tasks defined in the apps/temp-e2e/project.json file still work.

    nx lint temp-e2e

    nx e2e temp-e2e

  12. Delete all the project specific config files in the root and under e2e

  13. Once the project.json file has been deleted in the root, rename temp-e2e to my-app-e2e and rename temp to my-app

    nx g move --projectName=temp-e2e --destination=my-app-e2e

    nx g move --projectName=temp --destination=my-app

  14. Update the defaultProject in nx.json if needed

  15. Check again that all the tasks still work and that the nx graph displays what you expect.