Troubleshoot Nx Installations

Here are some common scenarios we came across while trying to run Nx on CIs

Native Modules

With more recent versions of Nx, we publish native binaries that should be automatically downloaded and installed when Nx is used.

If you see a message saying that your platform is not supported (or that Nx cannot find a @nx/nx-platform module for versions of Nx between 15.8 and 16.4), there are a few reasons why this could potentially happen:

  1. Running your install command with --no-optional (or the relative flag in yarn, pnpm, etc)
  2. Running your install with --dev for pnpm.
  3. The package-lock.json file was not correctly updated by npm, and missed optional dependencies used by Nx. You can read more about this issue on the npm repository.
  4. Your platform is not supported
Updating Nx

When updating Nx that is already on 15.8, the package-lock.json should continue to be updated properly with all the proper optional dependencies.

How to fix

  1. If you are running your install command with --no-optional, try again without the flag.
  2. Delete your node_modules and package-lock.json (or other lock files) and re-run your package manager's install command.
  3. If running on Windows, make sure that the installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable is up-to-date.

Confirm that you see @nx/nx-<platform-arch> in your node_modules folder (e.g. @nx/nx-darwin-arm64, @nx/nx-win32-x64-msvc, etc).

If you are still experiencing issues after following the previous steps, please open an issue on GitHub and we will help you troubleshoot. Be prepared to give as much detail as possible about your system, we will need the following information at a minimum, the contents of nx report plus

  • Operating system version
  • The package manager (npm, yarn, pnpm, etc) install command

Supported native module platforms

We publish modules for the following platforms:

  • macOS 11+ (arm64, x64)
  • Windows (arm64, x64)
    • We use the msvc target, so as long as Microsoft supports your Windows version, it should work on it
  • Linux (arm64, x64)
    • We use gnu ang musl targets, which are used by the most popular Linux distributions
  • FreeBSD (x64)

If you're running a machine that isn't part of the list above, then Nx does not support it at this time. Please open an issue on GitHub if you feel Nx should support that platform and we will assess what can be done, please make sure to include your platform and architecture in the issue.